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Hi. I’m Stacey
and I think ANYONE can draw.

As an art enthusiast from a young age, I always wondered how artists actually made art. After many years of study and practice I learned that everyone creates art in their own way. Now, I’d like to share my process with you and I hope it helps you find the way you can create art in your own way.

About Me

I LOVE any opportunity to combine art with technology! As an artist, I dabble in Procreate painting, graphic design, animation, 3D modeling and just about anything else.

 “Why so much digital?”, you say … I’ve been in a wheelchair all of my life and computers have always been the way I expressed myself. While my friends were playing video games, I was creating characters and landscapes for them. 
Because I’ve had physical limitations all my life, I want people to see that if I can do something they can too. It may take hard work and a lot of hours of practice, but the best things usually do. 
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