Demo Reel

This video shows a small sampling of my animation, modeling and special effects skills.

Octopus Stew

Octopus Stew is a short film created with a partner in which I was responsible for character development, modeling, animation, film and sound editing, and some special effects.

Indiana Weeble

In this clip I take a simple shape and turn it into a character. I created the textures and costume and modeled and lit the scene. 

Submarine Attack

This short demonstrates my special effects skills in creating water, fire and smoke. 

Swing Assembly

In this short I created an instructional video demonstrating the assembly of a bench swing. I modeled and textured the pieces and animated and lit the scene. 

360 Witch Model

This clip shows a high resolution, completed model that has been textured in a 360 rotation. 

360 T—Rex Model

This clip shows a low poly count, completed model that has been textured in a 360 rotation.